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Meticulous construction by skilled artists utilizing old world traditions of excellence…


We offer some of the finest orchestral bows available today. From the exquisitely shaped tip to the fully lined, premium ebony frog, our bows are crafted to exceed the demands of players at all levels. As you contemplate investing in a quality bow, we hope you will discover the same advantages countless other musicians now experience personally… discover Fermata Bows!

Exceptional Value

While some manufacturers choose to simply produce a “price point” bow, Fermata Bows has carefully managing the distribution and marketing of Fermata Bows products, and we are able to offer these exceptional bows at prices substantially below the performance capabilities they provide.

About Composites

A composite material is any material comprised of both fibers and resin that work together. The fibers, like fiberglass or graphite (carbon), run through the composite material like the grains through natural wood. The resin part of a composite material saturate these fibers and holds them in place. Without the resins, the composite material would become just a loose bundle of fibers, without the fibers their would be no stiffness and strength properties. Everyday we are surrounded by examples of composites improving our lives sailboats, tennis rackets, skis, golf clubs and fly rods are just a few examples of products that have been improved through the use of composite materials.

The Carbon Fiber Story

Carbon Fiber, Graphite and Composite bows have gained widespread acceptability among musicians as quality alternatives to wood bows. The creation of a first rate composite bow requires as much artistry and craftsmanship as the traditional wooden bow (with) added benefit of strength and consistency. The quality and availability of Pernambuco diminishes due to the over cutting of the Brazilian rain forest. A Composite bow will play as good if not better than a wood bow in the same price range. Just like wood bows, different makers of composite bows create their product with differing results allowing for differences in playing characteristics.

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